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You've been a tremendous help to me and a pleasure to work with. The floor plan and details look fabulous and so helpful to me. You did a professional and complete job. Please know how much I appreciate your work. It's been a pleasure to work with you and get to know you.

~J. Johnson

Tina was our family’s lifesaver. My mom suffers from progressive short-term memory loss due to Alzheimer’s. The family discovered that mom had forgotten to take her medications and had not been eating. The family reluctantly decided that mom needed to move from her spacious home to a one-bedroom apartment at an assisted living facility. This was a difficult transition for mom. It was also an overwhelming task for me, since I work full-time and live a congested 40 miles away. The assisted living facility referred us to Tina for help.

Tina inventoried mom’s furnishings to see what might fit in the new space; met with mom to see what furnishings were important; did a floor plan; arranged the movers; obtained the packing supplies; and supervised the packing. Some of these tasks had to be done twice, since mom would forget from one day to the next what as happening. Nor was it easy, since mom was initially uncooperative and Tina had to "win her over." Once moving day arrived, Tina supervised the move and had everything unpacked and in its place by evening. Tina was very patient throughout the process, even after listening to mom’s childhood stories over and over again. Not only that, but Tina accomplished the entire task in a week. We can’t thank her enough!

~Cathy Rothwell

If you are faced with moving you self or relative consider using Tina Baril. Tina is well organized and helps you plan out the logistics. She listens to your requests and follows through with great satisfaction. She moves everything and places it in the proper place at the new local destination. Tina takes all of you concerns and does the worrying for you. She is the SMOOTHER MOVER.

~M. Winters

“Tina was fantastic. Kudos!”


Thank you for your caring of us and your attention to every detail. Especially your call to see how we are doing after the move from so far away. Your expertise has also helped us a great deal.

~Mary and Charlie A.

Thank you for the time that you spent with me. Your compassion and understanding is just what I needed. I will always remember you!

~Jackie J.

Thank you so very much for your fine job of moving me and placing everything in my next place. Its also great that I feel I've made a new friend. Great to know there are talented and capable people like you in the world.

~Judith B.


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